About the Film

Over the last century, coastlines throughout New England and across the globe endured dramatic transformations. The foundations of mankind slowly overtook the ecological bedrock—a massive expanse of oyster beds that once harbored a bounty of creatures. In the last 100 years, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have skyrocketed, acidifying the oceans. Deteriorating municipal infrastructures, agricultural and industrial runoff, continue to disrupt nature’s balance. Powerful storms, now without the underwater obstacles of oyster beds to temper them, are devastating our seashores. Some believe these underwater environs are beyond repair.

But there may be a solution to aid the problem, right within the hands of nature. A single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day—an entire reef? Millions. The presence of these reefs, attract multitudes of other creatures that feed larger predators, building populations, and improving our fisheries. Oysters are the gills of our estuaries, and the scaffolding that supports coastal biodiversity. Their return might stifle ecological devastation worldwide.

The Oyster Revival is a story about revitalizing a tenuous relationship between man and mollusk, and the efforts being made to restore ecological balance to our coastlines. The documentary and transmedia campaign will explore the important role oysters play in maintaining a healthy ocean environment, and the various groups of people around the world advocating for their efficacy.

About the Team

Studio: Island Path Productions

Directed by: Allison Keir

Produced by: Allison Keir (Executive), Danielle Myers (Associate)


Allison Keir is originally from a small coastal town in New Hampshire. With intentions of going out to make, live, create, and tell stories, Allison graduated from the University of California in San Diego with a B.A. in History and a minor in English Literature. She extended her journeys by living in Italy, backpacking thru Europe, Central America, and Southeast Asia, and traveling throughout North America. She went back to school to study screenwriting at the Massachusetts College of Art before entering the independent film world within New York City. It was while in New York that she then found her place as the Creative Executive at Michael Mailer Films. While working with Michael Mailer, she worked on the two feature films Blood & Bone (with Michael Jai White) and The Lodger (with Alfred Molina, Hope Davis, and Simon Baker). She then moved to Los Angeles, where she spent two years as the Executive Assistant on two documentary television shows (Mad Genius and TV’s Greatest Moments). Allison is actively working as an independent films producer and screenwriter, currently producing a short film which she wrote called The Conversation, a drama to be directed by French-African director Skwall Maximus. She is also presently working as the Division Administrator of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University’s College of Communication. You can you more of the film projects she has worked on at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2608240/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Danielle Myers is a graduate of Tufts University with a keen interest in telling stories through film. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Danielle is fascinated by films that promote environmental conservation and understanding. Since graduating college, she has worked for two local production companies where she contributed to a variety of films about adventure, science, and nature. She enjoys photography, hiking, skiing, and paddle boarding in her free time.

Renessa Ciampa is a multi-disciplinary designer and art director, and founder of the design firm Ciampa Creative. Renessa designed the brand identity for The Oyster Revival. Her background in design paired with an MA in Critical & Creative Thinking has given her a toolkit to tackle a wide range of client communication problems and come up with memorable creative solutions. She enjoys art, music, photography, and trying to travel as much as possible.